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More information about the school routes we operate and how you can apply.

We are once again offering services of travel to South Charnwood High School for students out of the catchment area.
This is a private hire service with the support from South Charnwood High School, meaning that parents pay privately to reserve a seat on the Orbit School Bus service for their child/children.

Cost and Payments
Travel for the 2018/19 academic year can be paid in full or over a period of 10 months.
We will be continuing our monthly instalments through Worldpay (No payments through BACS will be accepted) they will run for 10 months from 1st August 2018 – 1st May 2019, at a payment of £57.00 per child per month, totalling to £570.00.
A discount is offered to those who pay in full at a cost of £540. (No later than 13th July 2018).

Currently using this service?
Parents who currently use this service, will need to re-apply for a space for each child again for the new academic year. Please note that any previous unpaid or late payments may affect you securing a space for your child on the service. The offer of spaces is subject to availability and is on a first come first serve basis.

Making an Application
Our application process is currently in the process of review ahead of the coming academic year, please check back again soon when the application will be reopened.

Other details
Also on the website you will see our proposed routes however this will depend on the number of children applying for transport and the areas they live. The final routes will be confirmed following the closure date, and maybe subject to change. Our website is secure, and your child’s photo will only be used for the benefit of a bus pass and will not be able to be accessed by anyone else. Once the reference number has been allocated to your child/children you will receive an email from Worldpay requesting a payment to be set up. No bus pass will be issued until agreement with WorldPay has been set up and agreed.

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